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Frequently asked




Frequently asked


Q: What are the minimum system requirements to play?

A: iOS v. 8.4 or higher / Android v. 5.0 or higher

Q: What sports are available?

A: At the moment it is possible to predict on football/soccer events from the Premier league, FA Cup, UEFA Champions League and Europa League but new leagues and new sports will be introduced in the near future.

Q: What countries is the app available in?

A: The App is currently available in the UK App store and Google Play store.


A: You can connect and play with your Facebook account either by choosing to link it when opening the app for the first time during the tutorial, or by clicking on the connect Facebook button that can be found on your profile page. Predictabl will not post anything on Facebook on your behalf.

Q: Can I play without Connecting my facebook account?

A: You can try the game out as a guest, this will enable you to create challenges, though to get the full experience of the game and to use features such as chat and creating your own room, you’ll need to connect Predictabl to your Facebook account.

Q: What do I need to start playing?

A: In order to start predicting, you must have virtual currency on your account. The currency is expressed in coins and can be purchased from the shop or received as a reward(winning challenges). When you have installed the app and set up your account, you’ll be credited with 1000 free coins.

Q: How do I purchase coins from the shop?

A: In order to purchase coins, you must access the shop page and click on the coin package of your choice. The payment will processed through your App Store/Google Play account.

Q: What’s the difference between a challenge and a prediction?

A: A prediction is an event that you believe will happen during a match e.g. Chelsea to beat Arsenal. A challenge can contain up to 5 predictions. In order to win a challenge, all the events predicted in it need to be take place e.g. Arsenal to beat Chelsea, Sanchez to score and Costa to get a red card. It is not possible to predict on 2 different outcomes of the same event within a challenge (e.g: In a match between Chelsea and Arsenal, you will not be able to predict that both teams will win).

Q: What events can I predict on?

A: The prediction types currently available to include in a challenge are:

  • Team to win.

  • Team to draw.

  • team to win exact score.

  • player to score.

  • player to assist.

  • red card (team/player).

  • yellow card (team/player).

  • clean sheet (team).

  • substitution (player).

  • match scoreline.

You can choose to predict that these events will happen at any point in the match.

Extra time is not considered for the match final result and for the challenge outcome.

Q: Will there be different game levels to reach?

A: When you create, join or win a challenge you earn experience points. Based on the experience points, you are promoted to a certain level where you'll be rewarded with more coins.

Q: How do I create/join a challenge?

A: You can create a challenge from a fixture room or, if you've already connected your FB account, you have the possibility of creating the challenge from your private room, in which only your friends will be able to participate. 

In order to create the challenge, you will need to tap on the Play button on the bottom of the page and complete a series steps, starting from selecting team/player event on which you want to predict, then selecting the stake of your challenge and in the end customising it with your favourite background colour/theme.

A challenge can be joined by agreeing or disagreeing with it. To agree with a challenge, you must click on the thumbs up button that appears in the challenge card. Similarly, in order to disagree with the challenge, the thumbs down button must be clicked.

Q: What is the minimum amount needed to place a challenge?

A:  The minimum stake that can be made is 1 coin, although when creating a challenge, the default stake will be 25 coins per event included in the challenge. When agreeing/disagreeing with a challenge, the stake will be equal to the challenges initial stake chosen by the creator of the challenge.

Q: How do I join a room?

A: You can join a public room by clicking on your preferred fixture in the lobby. To join a private room you must be invited by the owner of the private room.

Q: Can I just chat in a room, without joining the challenge?

A: Yes, as long as you've connected your Facebook account to the game, you have the option of chatting with other members before making/joining a challenge.

Q: How do I share my challenge with my friends?

A: Click on the share symbol in the bottom right-hand corner of your challenge card, you'll then be able to share your challenge through social media and messaging applications.

Q: How do I favourite a team?

A: You can select your favourite team immediately after entering the game for the first time.

Q: How can i open my own room?

A:  You can create a private room from the lobby, which can be accessed by clicking on the second button on the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen. Once you've entered the lobby, select the icon located in the top-righthand corner of the screen(located beneath your coin balance). You will then need to add your desired room name, a short description of the room(optional).

Q: How do I update my user profile?

A: In order to change your user settings, you must access your profile page by tapping on your level icon. You can then choose to edit your username, your profile picture and change your background colour.

Q: How can I use my coins?

A: You can use your available coins to create/join challenges.

Q: Where can I see how many coins i have available?

A: Your coin balance can be located in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Q: What can I buy from the shop?

A: Various amounts of Predictabl coin packages, you can also claim free coins from the shop every 4 hours.

Q: How can i colect my challenge winnings?

A: When you win a challenge you’ll receive a notification to collect your winnings but tapping on the collect button, the coins will then be added to your account.

Q: How are the leaderboards calculated?

A: The leaderboard is calculated based on the player prediction accuracy rate and total earnings/amount of coins won through challenges.

Q: People are using an inappropriate/offensive language in a room, where can i report this?

A: You can either hold down on the message or the users profile picture and click on the “report” option or alternatively you can select "mute" which will hide all messages sent from said user. 

Q: How can I find a room?

A: You can search for a room in the lobby using either the room name or a keyword contained in the description. The results will display all rooms that contain that word in their name.

Q: Can more than one user be a room owner?

A: There cannot be more than one room owner at the same time. When an owner decides to leave a room, the room will be closed permanently.